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Catharina Boer
Senior consultant

Catharina Boer is an experienced public relations professional who justly earned the title of
media and crisis management specialist during her years in Public Health and the Department
of Immigration.

Catharina began her public relations career as the New South Wales Community Liaison Advisor to the Federal Minster for Immigration. Writing Ministerial briefing notes, speeches and managing highly sensitive public issues daily, she proved her ability to work under pressure and provide sound advice to the most senior levels of government. Her writing skills are exemplary.

As public relations manager for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Catharina Boer was responsible for delivering the full spectrum of PR requirements including media and issues management, government relations, managing visiting international dignitaries and celebrities.

Her time with the Hospital demonstrated her media management expertise, lifting the Hospital’s media coverage fourfold within only three years. Catharina Boer positioned the Hospital as one of the premier providers of child health care in Australia. The coordination of the media and issues surrounding critically ill children requires extraordinary sensitivity, respect and interpersonal skills. Catharina Boer was that extraordinary person behind the scenes, ensuring the experience was smooth for the tiny patients and their families.

Catharina Boer has a Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor or Social Work, having majored in psychology and anthropology, from the University of Sydney.

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